July 2014
We have an amazing abundance of flowers and organic edible plants this time of year.
Come in and pick out something fun you haven't grown before.

  • Fertilize fruits and vegetables with *EB Stone Organic Fruit, Berry & Vine Food on a regular basis for best results.  
  • Pick up any fallen fruit from your trees to keep pests away. 
  • Stake tomato plants. 
  • Start seeds for fall vegetables. This includes broccoli, cabbage and brussels sprouts.
  • Feed houseplants with *MAXEA indoor plant food.  
  • Check to see if your houseplants are root bound. Water them thoroughly and carefully remove them from their pots. If the roots have compacted around the outside of the root ball, it is time to re pot. Use *Uni-Gro Organic Potting Soil when re-potting.  
  • Carefully examine your houseplants for pests. It is much easier to fight an insect infestation or disease in its early stage.  
  • Mist your plants regularly. This adds to the humidity, keeps the leaves cleaner and healthier and helps to prevent spider mites. 
  • Water plants make a spectacular show of color for any water garden. Stop by our Garden Center and check our great selection of water lilies, horsetails, water lettuces and many more. 
  • Our tropical water lilies include day and night bloomers. Day bloomers bloom heavier than hardy lilies. The flowers stay open longer each day and they bloom much later into the season. Night blooming lilies open their flowers at approximately 5:00pm and do not close until the following morning around 9:00am. This is perfect timing for those evening barbecues and parties.  
  • Fertilize all water plants once a month with *PONDCARE Aquatic Plant Food Tablets to keep the plant blooming continuously throughout the season.
  • Check brown spots in lawns for sod webworms and grubs and ask us to recommend effective controls.  
  • Spray roses to avoid fungi and insect damage. A spray such as *Serenade Disease Control will help to control black spots, powdery mildew and mites.  
  • Keeping rats and mice OUT! Replace weather stripping on doors and garages. Check dryer vents and replace with ¼ inch hardware cloth. Use coarse steel wool or expandable foam to seal gaps. Check fireplace vents, stove vents and laundry vents to make sure they are covered with screen and secure. Trim trees away from the house as they can use them as a ladder to get to the roof and trim vines to well below rooflines so they do not become a freeway for the rats. Caulk under sinks and patch holes in walls with wall repair patch kits. Place pet food in heavy plastic or metal containers to keep it from attracting the mice and rats.  
  • Use *Diatomaceous Earth to control crawling insects such as cockroaches, ants, slugs, silverfish, earwigs, fleas, spiders, millipedes, centipedes, and carpet beetles. Use outdoors only.    
  • Fruit trees should be on a regular spray program.  
  • Control slugs and snails with *Sluggo.  
*These products are available at Flowercaft 

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