Fall is for planting! This is California's "second spring" and an ideal time to plant and beautify your yard. Drop by and take advantage of our wonderful selection of plants and advice to help you create your perfect surroundings!  

  • September can be one of San Francisco's hotter months, so make sure to check container plants frequently for proper soil moisture. 
  • Reduce overall fertilizer applications. For flowering plants and roses, use a low nitrogen slow release fertilizer like *EB Stone Ultra Bloom Plant Food. 
  • Never apply fertilizers, pesticides or other chemicals during the heat of the day. 
  • Plant or start winter flowers and plants, and set out transplants for later this month. These include *pansies, *primroses, *Iceland poppies, *violets and *calendulas. 
  • Color with *Mums. Be traditional as fall entryways and yards always look fantastic decorated with quintessential fall flower chrysanthemums in time honored fall colors. Mums make great cut flowers indoors to brighten up a winter's day. They also provide easy instant color around shrubs and trees, in bedding areas and in containers. They come in an amazing variety of colors and types. Plant a mass display of a single color or combine fall colors for a striking display. We have these in bud and bloom now. 
  • Spring bloom bulbs have arrived!
  • Bulbs are color! Group bulbs together for masses of color, plant low growing bulbs in front of taller ones and create plantings that are appealing. 
    If you want to go beyond the basics, here are some tips for a beautiful spring garden: For color blocking, set off a mass display of one color against mass displays of another. To create geometric shapes, use masses of bulbs grouped together by color.  
  • Plant bulbs according to bloom times in multiple containers and when they fade replace them with other containers. Flower displays in different shapes in the middle of a lawn can be effective.  Mix bulb plantings in with summer flowering bulbs and perennials to liven up otherwise drab areas. 
  • Plant fall vegetables like beets, spinach, lettuce, baby bokchoy and other Asian greens, peas, chard and broccoli.  
  • Fruits will begin to ripen rapidly, so harvest daily before pests have a chance to make a meal out of your crops. 
  • Repot pot-bound plants with *UNI-GRO Potting Soil.  
  • Fertilize your houseplants with a slow release fertilizer like *Osmocote through November and then stop feeding them until February.  
*These products are available at Flowercaft 

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