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House Plants & More for San Francisco, CA

we feature a great selection of annuals, perennials, soil amendments and fertilizers, 
From the ORDINARY  to the EXTRAORDINARY, We've Got it All!
With our assistance, you’ll be able to develop the garden or flowerbed that you’ve been dreaming of!

No Round Up here! Flowercraft boasts an impressive array of natural and organic products, from potting soil and soil amendments to environmentally safe solutions to pest problems that have the "Our Water Our World" stamp of approval. Our herbs and vegetable starts are offered year round according to the season, locally grown and CCOF/OMRI certified.
Garden Center San Francisco, CA
Citrus & Fruit Trees
Apples and oranges and figs, oh my! Throughout the year, we offer delicious varieties of dwarf citrus and other fruit trees. Be sure to ask us about the best soil amendments and fertilizers to use! 
Japanese Maples San Francisco, CA
Succulents & Cacti
When in drought, come choose from our beautiful selection of succulents and cacti in 2”, 4”, 6”, 1 Gallon, and other sizes for sunny to shady conditions. These plants require minimal moisture and should dry out before watering sessions.

If you’d like to learn more about our current selection, contact one of our knowledgeable representatives today. We’ll help you choose the right plant to suit your space and your budget.
Succulent Plant San Francisco, CA
Indoor Plants
Well-placed greenery will brighten your personal or office space and purifies the air. House plants help create a relaxing ambiance in any room. "Indoor" gardening is fun and easy ... let us show you how. We'll help you pick the perfect pot for your plant, too!
House Plants San Francisco, CA
Native Plants
Beautiful in their own right, many native plants only require minimal irrigation beyond normal rainfall. These plants require low maintenance, little to no fertilizer, less pruning and a lot less of your time! So, go native, and enjoy the added benefits of birds, butterflies and other beneficials that will flock to your garden!
Garden Center San Francisco, CA
Perennial plants remain in the ground year after year and once established, need minimal upkeep as their roots are more far-ranging compared to annuals. Many perennials spread readily and will fill out your garden space, providing more and more color each year When planting your garden, it is important to know that trees, shrubs and vines are woody perennials; whereas non-woody, flowering plants that die back every year are herbaceous perennials.
Japanese Maples San Francisco, CA
An annual is a plant that completes its life cycle (from germination to flower to seed) within one year. Their incredible diversity and versatility create exciting combinations of color, form and texture. Complement and complete your landscape with our eye-catching array of annuals.
Christmas Trees San Francisco, CA
Pots & Planters
We have a pot for every need - from clay to ceramic - along with solid redwood planters built to last. Let us help you choose the right pot for your plant(s).
House Plants San Francisco, CA
Let "Sleeping Buddhas Lie" while browsing our extensive collection of indoor/outdoor statuary, birdbaths, water fountains and more.
Garden Center San Francisco, CA

Soil Amendments

Our soil products pack a punch! Talk to us about our variety of organic and natural potting soils and planting mixes, as well as important add-ons such as peat moss, perlite, vermiculate, manure and more. >>Click here for a full list
Soil Amendments San Francisco, CA
If you’d like to learn even more about our specific items, contact one of our friendly representatives.
 Dial 415-824-1900 today, and take the first step toward a brand new garden!
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