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Stephanotis Floribunda
The Madagascar Jasmine is in its fragrant glory. It's an evergreen, lush, tropical vine that perfumes the summer air. These white, tubular blooms are a traditional choice in wedding bouquets. The tropical aesthetic will be complete with visiting hummingbirds and butterflies. When grown outdoors, the twining stems can reach 15' with support. 

It would thrive in a warm micro climate or in a container that's brought indoors for the winter. The glossy, dark green foliage makes an elegant houseplant. Stephanotis floribunda takes regular water, high humidity and filtered sun or bright light indoors.

Show it Off!
It's been a busy year here so far at Flowercraft. Heavy rains have inspired so many of you to get back into gardening. 
So, show if off!

Send us pictures that we can show the world through our Facebook page. Simply reply to this email with your attachments.

California Native plants are a wise choice for your garden!
Hardy and drought tolerant, they require little care, yet will flourish for years to come. Flowercraft has a wide selection of California Natives for you to choose from.

Color is in full swing at Flowercraft!
And we have the most beautiful plants for you to take home. 

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