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Barbeque anyone?! 
There's nothing better than homegrown fruit and vegetables for your summer food fare. Come to Flowercraft and pick from our wide selection of organic vegetables, herbs and more! 

Flowercraft's Plant Pick
of the Week!
Hypericum androsaemum 'Seifire'

The "Ignite Red" St. John's Wort is an easy care, adaptable shrub with bright, clear yellow flowers spring through late summer. The showy blooms with distinctive stamens are followed by striking clusters of ornamental berries. The blooms and berries attract bees, butterflies and birds. Its semi-evergreen, dark foliage is often tinted red. 

This compact, rounded shrub reaches 2-3' tall and 3' wide. Use as a border , a tall groundcover or in containers. The "Ignite Red" Hypericum is rust resistant, tolerates heat and humidity, likes full to part sun and regular water.

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